How The Love For Biryani Brought Two Strangers Together In London

How The Love For Biryani Brought Two Strangers Together In London


Karachi:  They say that sharing food brings people together. In fact, research suggests that eating similar food promotes trust between strangers. This year, we saw that hypothesis proven with a real-life example. A Facebook user from London shared a story about how biryani played a major role in forging a friendship between him and his cab driver! On March 12, Steven Medway from London shared a story on his Facebook page that will make every biryani-lover smile.

In his post, Mr Medway spoke about how he had a conversation with his cab driver about his love for Indian food in general, biryani in particular. In response to this, his driver, Fasal, said that his wife makes the best biryani and offered to bring some around. A couple of days later, true to his promise, Fasal actually turned up with biryani cooked by his wife!

“Quite possibly the kindest man I have ever met,” wrote Mr Medway in his Facebook post. Accompanying it was a picture of the biryani that brought the two together.


“Fasal’s sweet gesture has earned him plenty of love on Mr Medway’s post. “Brilliant! Such a nice thing to do,” says one commenter. Another concurs, “What a fabulous story. I’m sure it tasted the best in the world as it was full of love!”