How Careem Blackmails Its Captains

How Careem Blackmails Its Captains

How Careem Blackmails Its Captains it was Nice Experience with Careem for 15 Days, I intended to write about Careem Captain’s Life so i decided to Join Careem and have my own experience which i have done now and here you are my Experience.

as Captain i observed that Careem Blackmailing its Captain’s and using Poor Needy People to work with it, and needy people just doing this and earning bread and butter on daily basis,

In limited amount captain’s have to pay for Bike Maintenance, Oil Changing, Puncture, Bike tuning and biggest issue is Police,

As Careem shows its Guarantee its all fake

Careem Guarantee

I Remained online for 3 hrs and 29 mins in which Careem Provided me 2 Rides instead of 5 Rides, also have a View my Acceptance Rate which shows i accepted all rides i got during 3 hrs and 29 mins.
i fulfilled my Promise to Careem But Careem cheated.

Careem Rides

in above Customer Paid me 160 for 30mins Ride in which Careem took Rs.61/- and furthr Detail mentioned above.

here you are one more ride which took about 50 mins ride duration, Rs.84/- Careem Fee and Rs.170/- my about Rs.100/- Patrol i spent on this ride and oil maintenance etc in remaining Rs.70/-

Careem Disputes

Careem Made an adjustment in my account i created dispute, Careem standard is 4 hours to reply for dispute and after 2 weeks and called to Careem Office talked with Mahnoor Careem Representative Careem Didn’t reply,
i created 3 disputes but after two weeks Careem didn’t reply for any.

My Dashboard and Detail for Week

have a look on my week cycle i remained online morethen 16 hrs, my rating, acceptance and completion rate is 100% even i earned Rs.1825/-, out of i used patrol of Rs.800/- and further maintenance etc included in my amount.

As Captain my remarks

Careem just playing with captains and charging upto 40% /ride when a captian get Rs.150/- from a customer he has to pay upto Rs.70/- to careem and ride take upta 1 hour and oil, puncher, compensations, police chalaan and maintainance he has to bear and in Rs.80/- after he can earn bread and butter for its family.

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