The heat between Pakistan and India is on the rise and after the Pak Army got hold of the Indian pilot Vikram Abhinandan – there was just another addition of drama after the entire incident.

Recently, the news that flashed on social media was that we’ll be witnessing the action of 56 hours soon on a big screen. Directed by Sanjay Leela Bhansali, movie titled “Wo 56 Ghante” will feature actor Ranveer Singh in the lead playing the Wing Commander Abhinandan.

The movie will tell the tale of Abhinandan and his time spent in Pakistan. So, brace yourselves for some major masaala and additional details that are entirely false!

For a very odd reason, Bollywood makes a movie out of everything!

Since we’re all aware of what went down between the Pakistan Army and pilot Vikram Abhinandan, we know the truth behind it. Although, several Indians have zero clue about the reality and will probably believe every tiny detail that’s shown in the film.

However, have a look at these few feedback people have given…

This Indian user agrees that Bollywood makes a movie out of EVERYTHING!


So this is our fav comment!


Moreover, there were people gave some savage feedbacks on the news flash and we’re absolutely loving them! It’s actually quite amusing, to be honest.

Abhi-None-Done takes the cake!

It’s actually a valid question…who will play the role of the tree? Hmm…

Director Sanjay Leela Bhansali is known for films like Padmavat, Ram Leela, Bajirao Mastani, Devdas and several more. He’s apparently one the of the most successful Indian filmmakers but we’re looking forward to the ‘grand’ film that he’s about to create.

We’re certainly curious about the EXTRA details that Bhansali will be adding to the movie. It’s just sad how Indians are using their entertainment industry to mislead the masses when they should make an attempt to make the relationship between Pakistan and India better.

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