Salman Khan of Pakistan: Fahad Mustafa

Salman Khan of Pakistan: Fahad Mustafa

I’m like the Salman Khan of Pakistan: Fahad Mustafa.

Fahad Mustafa is a very familiar name in any Pakistani household. The actor starred in two films this Eid, Load Wedding and Jawani Phir Nahi Ani 2 (JPNA2), both of which have been performing well in cinemas across the country. In an interview with BBC Asian Network, Mustafa revealed why he joined the JPNA franchise and the current scenario of Pakistan’s film industry.

“We hardly make films in Pakistan so when a good production house is involved, one should be a part of it. I am already a part of the Na Maloom Afraad franchise and the second installment did really well last year. JPNA is also one of the hit franchises which I think became bigger when I joined,” said Mustafa.

Speaking of his career in the industry as a TV actor first and then a game show host, eventually making it to the big screen, Mustafa shared that he has been very lucky. He added that he doesn’t feel threatened on having two of his films releasing on the same day. “Since the past four years, producers have been releasing their films on Eid because it’s the time of the year when the masses of the country come to the cinema. I have often had films releasing on Eid as well and I don’t know if I should say this but I feel like the Salman Khan of Pakistan,” joked Mustafa.

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However, the biggest challenge for the 35-year-old actor was the different looks he sported for the two films. Mustafa continued, “In Load Wedding, I had to play a simple, innocent-looking guy, whereas in JPNA2 I had to play a con-headed, evil person.”

Being an established actor, Mustafa also spoke of sharing screen space with one of the country’s most celebrated artists Humayun Saeed. “I think he’s someone who is not insecure at all. He gives you your due respect which is probably one of his best qualities. I’ve never felt that he was trying to cut me off at any point and that’s one the many reasons why Humayun is so successful.”

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While Mustafa has earned his fair share of love from the audience, many still perceive him to be arrogant because of his tongue-in-cheek attitude. Clearing the air, the Actor in Law star said, “People don’t realise that I’m also a human being. I crack jokes like anyone else, which some people find arrogant while others might find funny. So I don’t really care about what they think of me.”

Addressing the issue of good Pakistani films not faring well at the box office, Mustafa explained that the audience needs to build a relationship of trust with film-makers. “Cake was a brilliant film but it did not do well as one would want it to because the audience did not know who the director was. People would rather invest their time in watching a film that’s been made by Nadeem Baig or Nabeel Qureshi.” He concluded that the audience needs to give other film-makers a chance and watch their work.


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